Franco Banfi (CH)

Franco Banfi - Ambassador ISOTTA
Franco started an underwater photographer carrier 35 years ago and in 2000 left his job to become a professional photographer, specialized in underwater and wildlife images. Recently he founded a company skilled in running trips for micro-groups of enthusiasts, travelling for enjoying wildlife above and under the surface. 

The basic elements that characterize his pictures are curiosity, attention to details, movements, innovation. Recording the changes in life-forms and the interactions with humans is not lived by Franco to convey the concepts of static conservation of exotic ecosystems but as a becoming, a perpetual mutation of existing (and existed) biological diversity, the result of an evolution that consistently adds new variants to all ecosystems, a never-ending mutation.

Franco is a testimonial of Canon Italy; he is member of (International Environment Photographers Association) and of the Wild Wonders of Europe. Franco is an award-winning photographer (World Champion in underwater photography in Cuba) and he regularly get top honours of the more prestigious international photo-competitions as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY), Nature’s Best, International Photography Awards (IPA), etc.

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Sony Alpha 7R III

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in ISOTTA Housing