Sony Alpha 1

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Flash triggering
This housing ships with two optical bulkhead installed as standard equipment.
Choose your Trigger (hot shoe included)
Choose your Bulkhead (hot shoe included)

• On and off lever of the della Sony Alpha 1;
• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter lever, easy to use with gloves;
• Lens release lever;
• Aperture knob;
• C1 lever;
• C2 button;
• Mode knob;
• Focus selector knob;
• Zoom knob;
• Port safety lever;
• REC lever;
• AF-ON lever;
• Multi-shot selector knob;
• Shutter speed knob;
• Exposure knob;
• Lock/unlock exposure dial button;
• Rear control panel of the camera;

What's included
• Housing;
• Front lid;
• Handles;
• ISOTTA standard viewfinder;
• Moisture sensor;
• Fiber optic connections (to shoot it needs an additional trigger);
• Spare o-ring kit;
• Silicone grease 15gr / 0,5 oz;
• 2 years manufacturer warranty;

Technical data
• Red color anodized aluminum body;
• Ergonomic side handles, adjustable (via optional accessory);
• Two fiber optic connections standard (to shoot it needs an additional trigger);
• Two M16 holes and one M28 for installation of accessories, e.g. syncro cords, vacuum valves, monitors;
• Back housing completely detachable from the front housing;
• Tray with lock for the easy insertion of the camera;
• Single-hand closing knob for the back of the housing;
• Aluminum buttons and dials with engraved symbols identical to camera controls;
• Wide back display viewfinder glass;
• Double O-Ring seals on all buttons and removable parts;
• Moisture sensor with LED indicator (replaceable battery);
• Removable port 120 mm bayonet;
• Ports security latch to prevent accidental opening;
• Wide, rubber covered feet for solid footing on boat floors or sea floor;
• M8 hole located on upper side of the housing for various accessories such as focus lights;
• Two M6 holes located on housing bottom side for different accessories such as brackets for strobes or tripods;
• External viewfinders can be mounted, INON X-2 compatible;
• Depth rated to 100 metres;

Spare parts

• 3714 - Maintenance o-ring set for Sony Alpha 1 housing;
• 1895 - Housing front lid;


• Trigger;
• Nikonos 5 bulkhead;
• S6 bulkhead;
• Handles extension;