Lazise in the 60's


The story of Isotta begins in 1967, when Egidio Isotta at just 18 years old opened his Photographic Studio “Foto Isotta” in Lazise, on the shore of Garda Lake, Northern Italy. After years dedicated with passion to professional photography on land, in 1977 he started his diving adventures with his inseparable camera. At the end of the 1970s, thanks to the experience gained with the selling and commerce of underwater photography and video equipment from all over the world, he realized the market was ready to offer new solutions to photographers in need for a lighter and easier to handle in water lighting product.
Egidio Isotta in 1963

In 1980 Egidio Isotta developed and launched the first underwater strobe with minimal dimensions and high performances, the Isomat 33. The strobe measured less than 15 cm with a diameter of 80 mm, its body crafted in red anodized aluminum and featuring a beam angle of 94 degrees. The red color became then the signature trademark of the company. This innovative, light and resistant product soon became the most successful strobe light on the market allowing Egidio to found, with his wife Lilia, Isotecnic company and commercialize the flash since 1982. As more Italian professional photographers discovered the quality and reliability of Isotecnic products, sales continued to soar. In the wake of this success, Isotecnic extended his flash offers and produced underwater strobes with a quick release handle, the Isolux, in different powers and sizes (20, 50, 100, 250 Watt). Isotta entered the '90s with the first non-manual flash, the 33 TTL, followed by the 50 TTL in 1996.

Isotta Isomat 50 TTL
The evolution arrived in the late '90s, when Isotecnic crafted the first innovative housing for a video camcorder with a wideangle lens for underwater use that allowed to zoom from wideangle to macro with one lens: the housing had complete external controls and a light system named Astice with different powers (200, 300, 500 Watt) and was presented for the first time in Australia and US. This initial success served as the springboard for Isotta entry into the underwater photography business.
Isotta Video Housing
During those years, the company studied a product line 100% Made in Italy and continued its strong growth with the release of its first camera housing for DSLR cameras with the brand Isotta. Italian design, high-end materials and signature red color were the gold standards of the company’s products: minimal dimensions, one hand opening, double seals in every removable part and a thorough reproduction of all camera controls from outside provided enhanced performance underwater, conquering national and international acclaimed photographers.
Isotta Housing

Isotta remains a unique Italian success story. Our products are unique because we are a one of a kind company in this industry; we still design, manufacture, and quality control test our products in house. The company contributed to make history in underwater photography and took advantage of its know-how to develop a forefront uw photo equipment. Today, this tradition is continuing with Elisa Isotta who, with her husband Andrea, has led the company since 2006 and drives forward her father’s same innovation principles. During the years Isotta has expanded the professional product range and invested in new technologies while staying true to its roots and committed to the brand standards. Handcrafting, highest precision and quality of all products' components distinguished by our signature red colour, chose as longstanding brand trademark since 1980, are appreciated and recognized worldwide. Today, to have an Isotta housing is an emotion to turn into unforgettable shots underwater, everywhere passion will carry you.

Why Choose Us

It's our privilege to be your partner. As a company, Isotecnic has contributed to create history in underwater photography and with extensive industry experience, continues to build on that legacy to develop the highest quality products to keep worldwide divers and photographers  comfortable and their cameras protected from the elements. We are unique because we design, handcraft, and assembly each part of our gear in-house. Our mission is to be devoted to the craft of well made things. With Isotta by your side, you can confidently embark on your diving adventures.

Made in Italy

All Isotta products are 100% Made in Italy and entirely of our signature red anodized aluminum with powerful anti-corodal coating. Made in Italy stands for high quality of manufacturing and extensive testing to provide long lasting equipment for the demanding underwater photographer.

High Quality Materials

Only the best materials sourced and processed in Italy are used to craft all Isotta products, such as anodized aluminum, which is anticorodal, and stainless steel. Our commitment to premium quality extends to every level of the production process, from safety to performance.

Rigorous Testing

Each product is tested individually to ensure its quality, perfect functionality and highest precision. Each single part of the housing is inspected and riexamined with a manual process in all production phases, until the final test in the hyperbaric chamber with pressure depth to 100 metres.

Double O-Rings

All our products are individually tested to resist pressure at 100 metres depth. Anodized aluminum body and dual high-quality O-Ring seals on each button and on all movable and removable parts protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight to make our products extra safe against leakages.

Isotta Team: Standing By Your Side

We care about our customers' needs and we actively seek your feedback: from being present at key industry events of the year worldwide to listening for everything connected to your experience with our products, we commit to stand by your side and satisfy your expectations underwater.

Created for You

With our products, we want inspire people with possibilities: to travel, dive and photograph, and have new enriching experiences. With four decades of development, Isotta strives every day to create the best gear for worldwide divers and photographers to make sure that our models, processes, and technologies evolve with you.



Isotecnic is pioneering the research of high-end materials and advanced technologies to be used in the development and manufacture of underwater video, lighting and camera equipment guided by a team of pros that works with passion and commitment with the goal of maximum quality of each product. Only the finest materials sourced from specialized companies in the aluminum fusion, the crystal refinement and optical industry are employed to develop high-end products 100% Made in Italy, reliable and carefully crafted. This philosophy guarantees that the highest quality standards are maintained and pursued in all production stages and ensures the durable safety and reliability of the products in the long run.

Each housing is created in-house from an aluminum block that is worked in a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machine with the goal of obtaining reduced weight and reduced dimensions.

The design of Isotta housings is developed starting from a careful study of the measures and components of every camera model: from a first free-hand design we then use the most recent CAD/CAM software able to calculate in detail characteristics such as weight and volume and to simulate the water pressure. The CAD 3D model data are sent to a sophisticated CNC machine that works on multiple axes and creates the housing’s shape from the provided aluminum block.

The housing model is then manually deburred, lathed, hand polished to obtain the best accuracy, surface brilliance and smoothness of details. Once is cleaned and satined the housing is ready for the coloring process made in a specialized laboratory in our signature red Isotta color, which has been our trademark since 1982. The color will remain stable in the housing surface: the most efficient answer to the desire of refined elegance and uniqueness.

In an extraordinary precise process each housing is then undergoing the anodization process to create a hard surface and make it resistant to decay.

During the housings’ development, manual operations and innovative solutions are employed to obtain maximum quality products, made as efficiently as possible: assembly and configuration are done with high attention to detail with exact reproduction of the camera buttons and controls, precise bulkhead connectors setting to guarantee an ergonomic and compact housing. An excellent watertight seal to 100 meters depth is ensured by dual O-Rings on each button and removable part. 

Every time a O-Ring is positioned and each component is in place, each housing is undergoing rigorous testing that ensure it sustains the pressure and charge while underwater. Each single part of the housing is inspected, tested, riexamined with a manual process in all production phases until the final test in the hyperbaric chamber with pressure depth to 100 meters.

With four decades of development and high-end manufacturing executed by the Isotta highly-qualified team we commit to make our factory processes evermore efficient, and globally competitive to satisfy clients’ expectations underwater, faithful to our company philosophy: high technology to create emotions.

Quality Sourced Materials

Quality Sourced Materials

When it comes to quality, Isotta prides itself in keeping up to date with the finest caliber of materials to make for quality products equipped with optimum functionality making them built to last the test of time. Aluminum is a metal very resistant to decay and with a weight less than steel, all perfect characteristics for its use underwater. The anodization of aluminum is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into anodic oxide finish that is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting in marine environment, and has an high power of electrical isolation. The protective anodic oxide structure it is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate and it provides improved appearance, with the beauty and glow of the natural metal shining through, hardness and wear resistance, while providing a lifetime of protection. The anodization makes it durable in time under normal conditions and even if the surface is scratched the oxidation remains to protect the alloy.