Alfred Minnaar

Rafael Fernández Caballero - Ambassador ISOTTA

Photography is my life.  Through my work, I endeavour to capture scarcity and beauty in unique and original ways.   

It’s been a magical journey, with my diverse experience providing the perfect platform to get the best out of my subject matter.  

I love to document both the human and the animal worlds. Their majesty and their darkness.  Marine photography is where my story began. I was captivated by life's fragility and beauty.  And the desire to photograph these core elements still burns strong within me.

In a world where we stand to lose so much, I look to keep memories alive. Humanity, cultures, wildlife, habitats and the rareness that runs through them.  This is my passion. 

My intention is to explore unique perspectives in an effort to showcase beauty and evoke emotion. My hope is this serves to encourage humanity to preserve what we have left.

Alfred Minnaar, 39 is an award winning artist born and raised in South Africa.

He grew up in a small town in the dusty Kalahari Desert. Beginning as a traveller and a hobbyist photographer, he spent a decade traversing the natural world, eventually finding his way to the island paradise of Indonesia calling it home for the last 8 years.

Indonesia was where his passion for photography exploded and he turned a hobby into a full-time career photographing wildlife and people, combining his passions for travel, culture and photography.

He is now a professional photographer, accomplished in portrait, landscape, travel and underwater photography with a special love for the world of fine art photography.

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