AIGNER Martin - Ambassador ISOTTA

AIGNER Martin (AT)

He was born in upper Austria in 1971. His interest for photography and the underwater world developed at a very early age. His first diving equipment, which he built himself at the age of 6 years old, consisted of a water balloon and a plastic bottle!
This enabled him to take two breaths underwater. Today, he has 25 years of diving experience and is a CMAS certified instructor...

BANFI Franco - Ambassador ISOTTA

BANFI Franco (CH)

He started an underwater photographer carrier 35 years ago and in 2000 left his job to become a professional photographer, specialized in underwater and wildlife images. Recently he founded a company skilled in running trips for micro-groups of enthusiasts, travelling for enjoying wildlife above and under the surface. 

The basic elements that characterize his pictures are curiosity...

CABALLERO Rafael Fernández - Ambassador ISOTTA

CABALLERO Rafael Fernández (ES)

He is the World Champion of Underwater Photography 2017 and European Champion 2016. His images have won numerous national and international awards.
All his life has been linked to the sea. Since he was a child he has been in contact with both underwater photography and scuba diving, accompanying his father (underwater photographer as well) to incredible places all over the world...

CHIAS Jordi - Ambassador ISOTTA

CHIAS Pujol Jordi (ES)

Jordi Chias was born in Barcelona in 1973 and his greatest passion is the sea. Since 1998 he has worked as a freelance photographer specializing in water subjects, especially under the sea. His specialty are marine wildlife although he has also photographed some of the most extreme adventure sports: free-diving, cave diving and deep wreck diving...

Amanda Cotton (USA) - Ambassador ISOTTA


A Professional Photographer specializing in underwater imagery, as an avid scuba diver and ocean enthusiast, Amanda's goal is to help the general public embrace the beauty below the waves, in hopes that with awareness comes concern. The conservation and preservation of this ecosystem is of the highest priority to Amanda.
She has received numerous awards for her photography...



In 2015 she left behind a corporate career to pursue underwater photography and marine conservation full time. She is best known for her images depicting the grace and beauty of sharks, and her images and articles have appeared in publications in over 20 countries. Tanya has received several international awards for her photography, most recently winning...

Brett Lobwein - Ambassador ISOTTA


He is a passionate and environmentally-minded photographer based in his homeland of Australia. Having grown up on the waterways of the Port Hacking River in the southern suburbs of Sydney, his love of scuba diving really took shape in the early 2000s while working in a local dive shop. By 2010, he had started to take a keen interest in underwater photography and purchased...

Lorenz Simon (HK) - Ambassador ISOTTA


Underwater enthusiast Simon Lorenz has dived on six continents and his photos have been published in magazines around the world. Besides underwater photography he runs group trips all around the aquatic world with his tour company INSIDER DIVERS. Back in Hong Kong he operates POOL PORTRAIT, the first underwater photo studio in Hong Kong...

Turano Francesco - Ambassador ISOTTA


Alfred Minnaar, 39 is an award winning artist born and raised in South Africa.

He grew up in a small town in the dusty Kalahari Desert. Beginning as a traveller and a hobbyist photographer, he spent a decade traversing the natural world, eventually finding his way to the island paradise of Indonesia calling it home for the last 8 years.

Indonesia was where his passion for photography exploded and he turned a hobby into a full-time career photographing wildlife and people, combining his passions for travel, culture and photography.

He is now a professional photographer, accomplished in portrait, landscape, travel and underwater photography with a special love for the world of fine art photography.
Turano Francesco - Ambassador ISOTTA

TURANO Francesco (IT)

The Italian underwater photographer Francesco Turano started to shoot in 1984 with a particular focus and love for the Mediterranean marine fauna. Since the 1990s his pictures have appeared on major Italian magazines (Oasis, Bell'Italia, Aqua and The Diver), books and encyclopedias, and have as been awarded in prestigious photojournalism competitions (including the Antibes Festival)...