Compact Camera Housings

100% Made in Italy and entirely of our signature red anodized aluminum with powerful anti-corodal coating, our housings feature all control buttons in anodized aluminum and laser-engraved with the symbols for the camera functions, protecting against fading & wash-off and allowing for all main features of the camera to be used comfortably underwater, even with gloves on.
Isotta - Compact housing port

Flat porthole featuring a M67 thread

Standard flat porthole with tempered glass that allows mounting of flat ports for the use of wet diopters without vignetting effect. The front features a M67 thread to mount optical accessories such as macro and focus lenses.
Isotta - Compact housings buttons

Easy Camera controls

All main Camera controls are available from the outside allowing full manual mode. Controls are easy to be used even with gloves and are well spaced to avoid unintended use. All controls are engraved with the function symbols.

Isotta - Double o-ring

Double O-Rings

An excellent watertight seal is ensured by double O-Rings in all mobile and removable parts, like on back, buttons, ports, caps and connectors.

Isotta - Four pins

Easy fitting and great stability

The camera is placed easily into the housing on a sliding tray that keeps the camera robustly in place. A lever locks the tray safely inside the housing. The housing stands with great stability due to sturdy and wide rubber feet located on the bottom.
Isotta - Open/close knob

Single hand opening/closing

Only Isotta Housings can be opened and closed with one hand, whilst standing vertically. Thanks to steel pins located on the back, opening the housing is safe even if your housing is wet, reducing the risk of flooding to zero.
Isotta - External strobe

Multiple strobe connectors

External strobes can be connected via two sync electric cords or two optical fibers, using them in TTL or manual mode alternatively. This allows for easy mounting of any strobe and lighting set up.

Panasonic Housings

Canon Housings

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