Canon G5 X Mark II

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The housing for Canon Powershot G5X Mark II follows the compact and historical lines of the camera, embracing the leitmotif of the parent company that combine high performance and portability.
The port, artfully designed, supports the features of the high quality 5x zoom lens, to discover Canon’s promise of “superb results whatever you’re photographing”, even in water!

Product details
Agile, intuitive and ergonomic, the new housing for Canon Powershot G5X Mark II goes on the path marked by its sisters, combining ease of use with high quality standards and technical design, which allowed the creation of a product easy to handle with gloves.
Simply entering the camera in the housing the fun begins.
Centering is ensured by spacers that keep the camera in place in every orientation, to give vent to creativity without worrying about stability. Shoot, create mini videos, review it, edit it: all main camera controls have been carried out to the exterior through the use of mechanical buttons and knobs engraved with the symbols on the camera.
Frame in Live View and shoot in sequence, the large rear window gives an optimal view on the camera screen.
Take the most out of your Canon with Full HD, 4K footage and continuous shooting up to 30fps, the housing keeps up with you.

Inserting the Canon Powershot G5X Mark II into the Isotta housing is easy with one hand!
The housing opens simply by turning the knob and removing the back from the pins, leaving the inside of the housing completely visible and easily accessible, designed to accomodate the camera in a centered seat. When closing, the knob follows the pin inward inwards without the need to press a button.

The quality of the Canon Powershot G5X Mark II lens is fully respected by the flat porthole with bayonet lock. Available, in the set of optional accessories, are adapters for macro lenses and filters, and a round porthole which, while limiting the extension of the lens, allows the use of external wide-angle lenses.

An opaline diffuser, supplied, follows the lines of the porthole, accentuating the light of the integrated flash, while keeping the housing agile and compact. Getting even more professional images is possible by connecting an external flash via the optical fiber.
The housing features several holes: An M8, two M6 and a ¼ W, placed in different places that facilitate the arrangement of accessories in an unique configuration based on the personality of the photographer.

Safety has become a Must of the products of this line. The materials used are selected and tested to withstand pressure, temperature changes and atmospheric agents. The body of the housing is made of aluminum which is then anodized and made corrosion resistant. The buttons and knobs are made of aluminum or high quality plastic material. The seal up to 100 meters is guaranteed and ensured by the use of a double o-ring on each movable and removable part. Greater safety is guaranteed by a battery-powered humidity sensor that can be easily replaced independently. The case for Canon Powershot G5X Mark II can be secured to the photographer through the use of accessories and a slot in the lower part of the housing.

• ON/OFF of Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II;
• Own camera strobe open/close;
• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter button for an easy use with gloves;
• Shutter speed priority;
• Lens aperture;

What's included
• Housing;
• Replacement O-Ring kit;
• Silicone Grease 15gr / 0,5 oz;
• Strobe diffuser;
• Optical fiber adaptor;
• 2 years manufacturer warranty;

Technical data
• 100 metres depth rating;
• All Canon Powershot G5X Mark II key main controls;
• M16x1 hole for vacuum system or external monitor;
• Easy one hand housing open/close;
• Moisture sensor;
• Double high precision and quality O-Ring seals;
• Weight: 1000 gr;
• Dimensions: 165 L. x 115. x 125 A.

Spare parts
• AS580 O-Ring Set Canon Powershot G5X Mark II;
• AS882 - Shutter Trigger Extension for Index Finger;
• AS883 - Shutter Trigger Extension for Thumb Finger;
• AS733 - Dual Fiber Optic Cable Adaptor;
• AS737 - M67 screw lens adaptor for G10/G11/G12/G5X MII;
• AS833 - Round diffuser;
• AS046 - Tray with double handles;