Rafael Fernández Caballero (ES)

Rafael Fernández Caballero - Ambassador ISOTTA

Rafael Fernández Caballero is the World Champion of Underwater Photography 2017 and European Champion 2016. His images have won numerous national and international awards.

All his life has been linked to the sea. Since he was a child he has been in contact with both underwater photography and scuba diving, accompanying his father (underwater photographer as well) to incredible places all over the world. When he was 7 years old, he started to dive and since then he has not stopped diving. At 16 years old of age he took his first camera underwater and that changed his way of seeing the marine world and taught him to look always for the beauty anywhere.

As diving instructor 2 stars CMAS he dedicates his time to travel for work and to teach his knowledge doing workshops and photography courses all over the world, showing the beauty of the unknown marine world and raising awareness about the need to protect it.

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Nikon Z7 II

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