Sony RX100

In the classic version, the housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100, allows a comlpetely use of tha camera inside.

Product details
An easy to use highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. The housing for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 perfect handling by means of an adjustable strips. Easy access to all key/main camera controls by means of clearly labelled lasered long life buttons. An easy and quick release camera mounting plate, allows the camera positioning; the back door with a large window for a fine camera display view, is entirely detached from the front body to make simple the camera fit.

It’s very easy to open and close Sony Cyber-shot RX100, without efforts by the user thanks to the helicoid and centered pins; camera is perfectly steady and safe.

Front portholes built with high quality standards of materials, ensure a perfect image quality. A flat port is fitted to Sony Cyber-shot RX100 housing. M67 end allow to use additional wet wide angle lens and macro lens.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 own strobe can be use fitting an outside diffuser on the porthole. For better performance with wide angle lenses, one or two external strobes can be connected by optical fiber using the adapter included.

All material used to manufacture the Isotecnic housing, are only of best quality, as anodized anticorodal aluminium and stainless steel. Long life thanks to user easy and simple maintenance. So small and so rich in technology! Double high precision and quality seal o-ring, protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight for all movable and / or removable parts; a red alarms for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the diver. Working depth 100mtr. An hole positining on the bottom let to assure the camera for Sony Cyber-shot RX100 with a line/strap. Different accessories can be fitted by means of an upper sledge and double threaded M6 holes and one 1/4W on the bottom.

[bt_spoiler title="Controls" icon="list"]• ON/OFF of Sony Cyber-shot RX100;
• Own camera strobe open/close;
• Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter button for an easy use with gloves;
• Shitter speed priority;
• Lens aperture;

What's included
• Housing;
• Lens cap;
• Spare O-Ring kit;
• Silicone Lubricant 10gr;
• Strobe diffuser;
• Optical fiber adapter;
• 2 years manufacturer warranty;

Technical data
• 100mtr depth rating;
• All Sony Cyber-shot RX100 key main control;
• Easy one hand housing open/close;
• Moisture sensor;
• Double high precision and quality seal o-ring;
• Peso: 855 gr;
• Dimensioni: 150 L. x 105 P. x 105 A.

Spare parts
• AS835 - Set O-ring Canon Powershot RX100/RX100Mk2;
• AS882 - Forefinger shot;
• AS883 - Thumb shot;
• AS733 - Optical fiber double attack;
• AS833 - Round diffuser;
• AS006 - M67 Cover;
• AS046 - Double bracket with handles;

Price with tax920,00 €
 Incl. 22% VAT
Name on housing:

+ € 25,00 (VAT included)

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